Pacifico Palumbo Fine Canvas Art

I enjoy painting as well as I enjoy working in Neon and Sculpture. I consider myself to be a realist, but with a bit of fantasy thrown in. I like to paint scenes of my home, my garden, my animals, things we collect, our beautiful neck of the woods, friends, as well as anything else that I may be interested in.

Flor, Fiori, Fleur, Flower

A new (2021) collection of work by Pacifico Palumbo

Wilhelm von Gloeden

Original paintings by artist Pacifico Palumbo, inspired by the original b/w photos by Wilhelm von Gloeden

Grey Gardens Art

Pacifico created this series of paintings from the original documentary movie

My Italian Story

Paintings I made of various photos of family events that took place when I was growing up in Brooklyn, NY.

I Pizza Art

Masterpiece oil paintings of gourmet pizzas to hang in your shop or at home

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